Do you want to find out your company's reputation rating in real time? 

Participate in the pre-launch of a syndicated study to measure and monitor your company's reputation 
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Get full access to Caliber's innovative real-time monitoring platform that allows you to measure specific aspects of a company's brand and reputation, analyzing the results of your actions. The platform identifies the impact on events and activities with relevant audience segments of interest.


Obtain results in real time and continuously.



Online and real time model

With our measurement model that integrates brand and reputation (as a perception side), understand how your actions impact, inform and build your reputation. Access your personalized dashboard in real time and receive weekly updates. Plus, compare your results with those of your industry, as well as with specific competitors. 

PERCEPTIOn caliber pack

Sectors analyzed

The first sectors we will analyze will be: consumer, cosmetics, energy, finance, technology, food and beverage, pharmacy and retail. With your basic package, get one year of full access to Caliber's measurement platform for a complete visualization of your company's reputation.


Your basic pack includes

  • Reputation company Tracker 1 year, with weekly updates.25 ratings a week (1,200 a year).
  • Reputation & brand model analysis.
  • Specific questions on leadership.
  • Access to the platform, for data visualization.
  • One annual workshop and report.
List of options:
  • Additional questions for model & survey customization.
  • Industry comparison.
  • Benchmarks.
  • Country.
  • Increasing panels & weekly ratings.
  • Workshops and reports.
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